Private Courses

Adults/Students (13 years+)

Focalized Courses: these are for students/adults that need specific help at school or to pass exams at an international level (such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc).

Price List
Fixed Courses 20 Hours
Focalized Individual 560 € (28 €/h)
Focalized Group (max 4, price per group) 1000 € (50 €/h)
Please note:
Clients can make a one-time payment or request a recurring payment schedule.
Additional cost - "Contributo Inps 4% ex Art.2 c.26 L.335/95".
All invoices are VAT free.
Focalized Courses - Book (€30 per person depending on the book chosen).

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Conversazione Flexible - Season Tickets

The "Season Ticket" service is for individual clients who are unable to commit to a fixed lesson time each week but wish to improve their communication skills in real life situations.

"Season Tickets" can be bought upfront in blocks of 10 or 20 hours and can be used at anytime, however they do depend on my availability during the week.

Clients can book any combination of hours depending on their needs, e.g. 1 hour, 2 hours, etc..

Lessons can also be done in person (preferable) or via Skype..

Season Ticket Cost
Season Ticket - 10 hours 250 € (25 €/h)
Season Ticket - 20 hours 440 € (22 €/h)
Please note:
Season tickets are VAT free. All other costs included.

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Groups Adults/Students 13+

These groups focus on improving conversation in a really fun environment.
Simply organize your groups amongst friends and/or classmates then contact me to book
a time during the week that suits the group.
Lessons can be held at my house or at a place of the group's choosing.

Adults/Students (4 - 7 students) 10 € each/h

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